WVU Safety and Health Extension

Providing quality safety and health services to impact the health, prosperity and education of West Virginia communities and beyond.

3604 Collins Ferry Rd, Morgantown, WV 26505, USA | Monongalia

Security America, Inc.

Our commitment to protect people and property with integrity, professionalism and quality service is more than a motto: it’s our pledge to you. Our work has been recognized and lauded at every local, regional and national level. We've even been commended at our new Pittsburgh Office, but what’s most important to us is the assurance that we’re serving our clients well. We’re familiar with the unique security problems that can arise at specialized facilities and it’s important to have security services, guards, products, and most of all, people, you can depend upon.

Charleston, WV 25364, USA | Kanawha

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wvma wvmac logoWVMA is West Virginia's leading voice in manufacturing. We champion policies at both state and federal levels, collaborating with groups like the American Chemistry Council. Our members receive exclusive expertise in environmental protection, workers' compensation, tax, and safety, along with enhanced industry connections.

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