From the very beginning, Logoplaste has innovated constantly to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and create a sustainable business model that can weather revolutionary change and thrive. Our Wall to Wall, embedded manufacturing model has proven itself as a smarter way of doing business that benefits our customers and the world. Our plants double as flourishing idea labs that are lowering CO2 emissions, ending packaging waste, and making the world a better place. Every day, we rebel against the norm and reinvent what’s been done before so that we can lead the changes our industry must make. We're dedicated to working together—with our clients and our competitors, our local communities and governments—to build a better, healthier, sustainable future for the next generation. This legacy is more than words on a page. It is our duty.

396 Development Dr #900, Inwood, WV 25428, USA | Berkeley

WV Cashin Recyclables

West Virginia Cashin Recyclables was established in 1988 in Nitro, West Virginia and has since grown to be a leader in West Virginia’s recycling effort. We believe that we not only provide a service to our customers, but try to partner with decision makers to provide a viable solution to the ever growing pressure for incorporating an effective recycling program into your business plan. With over 90 years of combined experience in management, we believe we bring a unique perspective to the recycling industry. By converting your manufacturing or demolition by-product into revenue rather than waste material, you stand to increase your bottom line. Recycling is often a missed aspect of a good business plan to reduce waste and increase efficiency. An effective corporate recycling program on metal, cardboard, and office paper will turn otherwise landfill material into dollars, means less waste, and makes good environmental sense. West Virginia Cashin Recyclables strives to pay the highest prices possible while maintaining environmental responsibility

Nitro, WV, USA | Putnam

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wvma wvmac logoWVMA is West Virginia's leading voice in manufacturing. We champion policies at both state and federal levels, collaborating with groups like the American Chemistry Council. Our members receive exclusive expertise in environmental protection, workers' compensation, tax, and safety, along with enhanced industry connections.

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