Keystone Logistics

We believe in availability. Whether it’s our President, Vice President or one of our dedicated staff, you can count on reaching us when you need us. We’re here beyond the classic work day with 24-hour, year-round support and service.

Parkersburg, WV, USA | Wood

REO Logistics

REO Processing has a rich history providing niche services to manufacturers across the United States. Founded in 1922, the company has long embraced innovation and creativity, values our customers have come to depend on. Our goal is to provide seamless service while we help prepare high value specialty chemicals for use in products that are vital to the pool/spa, pharmaceutical, food, water, construction and industrial manufacturing industries. ​ EXPERTISE: When you work with REO you work with a team of chemistry, engineering, operations and supply chain experts who all have one goal: to solve your problems as expeditiously and cost effectively as possible. ​ CAPABILITY: With over 35 toll processing capabilities, 2+ million square feet of space, and warehousing and transportation services, REO Processing is truly a one stop shop. Our footprint has allowed us to build equipment redundancy into our system so that you can rest assured your work flow will be protected from both natural and man-made disasters. ​ COMMITMENT: Our team is committed to making your customers our top priority, protecting your brand as if it were our own, and doing business the way you like to do it, while never sacrificing the safety of our employees or the quality of your final product.

20 26th St, Huntington, WV 25703, USA | Cabell

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